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  • Acetyloctapeptide / anti wrinkle oligopeptide / acetylglutamyl Qisheng peptide-3
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English nameSnap-8 / Acetyl octapeptide-3
Chinese name乙?;穗?抗皱寡肽/乙酰谷氨酰七胜肽-3
CAS NO868844-74-0
Item number
Molecular formulaC41H70N16O16S
molecular weight1075.18
Storage temperature2-8℃

Acetyloctapeptide is a prolongation analogue of the hexapeptide agrilin, acetyloctapeptide. As anti wrinkle oligopeptide is a kind of Anti Wrinkle active raw material peptide designed scientifically and reasonably based on modern biochemical mechanism, it has become a popular cosmetic raw material for anti wrinkle in the world. Anti wrinkle oligopeptide ingredients are claimed to be used for anti wrinkle in various high-end cosmetic series. Its efficacy is comparable to that of botulinum toxin A, but it avoids the disadvantage of botulinum toxin that must be injected and used at high cost.

Efficacy and Application

Reduce the depth of wrinkles caused by facial expression muscle contraction, especially a safer, cheaper, mild botulinum toxin substitute around the forehead and eyes, which works in a very different way to locally target the wrinkle formation mechanism. In cosmetics formula, such as emulsion, gel, serum and so on, so as to achieve the ideal effect to remove deep wrinkles or wrinkles around the forehead or eyes.

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